Ganderbal, Kashmir

Saturday, June 1, 1929

Walked back to Ganderbal today and further loosened up my dogs. It was a fine walk, but oh those dogs. Frank and Mort rode back on ponies.

We haven’t yet given up the Ladakh trip. Tomorrow we shall have another try. There must be some way around this red tape.

Three men came up yesterday to see Lussoo about that trouble at the lock. The man who we thought was an attendant doesn’t even work there to our knowledge, but for an Englishman in Srinagar. What right he had to ask us for baksheesh is beyond us, but if these people file a case in court as they threaten, we shall soon find out. We wrote a letter to the tourist bureau the day of the trouble and shall have to go see them upon our return to Srinagar. We seem to kick up trouble all right. This morn while paying the DB bill, the man in charge refused our tip, so Frank took it back. He later gave it back to the man.

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