Shodi Pore, Kashmir

Monday, June 3, 1929

Left after breakfast and floated rapidly down the flooded Sind. The water is three feet higher than usual and many of the fields are flooded, making it seem as though we’re passing through a beautiful lake.

Shortly after we tied up at our old place. There are only eleven houseboats here now. In another week Ganderbal will be crowded with houseboats for it is getting hot in Srinagar.

While we were reading, up walked a chicken to our front door, but would not come in. I climbed out the window and came around to the front door, so the fowl decided to enter. This was an unfortunate move on his part for Frank grabbed him and we had a chicken. The thing sure let out some powerful squawks and I got Abdulla in to present him a chicken baksheesh. He took it when we assured him God hadn’t seen. However, it now develops that the thing was Lussoo’s, being fattened up for the Sahibs. Evidently he didn’t care for our treatment for he has disappeared. Consequently there has been much excitement in the cook boat this evening. Lussoo is going it—”I don’t know what happen that thing. I get him three days ago and I tell him I feed him much so masters can eat. I don’t know what to think that thing. Could Sahib tell him chicken come back if he see.”

At sunset Abdulla appeared on the scene dressed as a holy man—which means practically not dressed at all. He sure looked the part, so we took his picture. Wonder what he will be up to next.

The girl in the boat in front of ours has been playing a victrola—setting the evening off perfectly.

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