Prag, Czecho-Slovakia

Wednesday, October 3, 1928

Yesterday I walked across the river and up on the hill through a pretty park there to the Castle. By the castle is an old Renaissance church, St. Vita, very large and pretty. The inside was under repair but it is very fine work. The castle is large, having two big courtyards. It commands a fine view of Prag. Then I walked to the next hill where the Eiffel Tower of Prag stands, only it is 99 meters high. I came back to the Y at 5:50 and at 6:30 went out for a walk, stopping at bakeries a couple of times to get some rolls to eat. Some of the show windows are pretty and the many arcades are interesting. Some sections of town are very quaint and full of life. The streets were packed after dark. Praga is the center of Bohemian life. Met Nandor and Morton on the street about 8 and we went back to the Y.

Again, this morning J.U.C. Vladimír Záskodný made tea and I had three cups. The heavy fog soon disappeared and Paul and I went to the Post where I found a letter from Jean. Then we went to get some Austrian money and for my bike. We took a couple of pictures and I left at 11:30.

What a ride today. Wind against me, the first two miles a steep hill out of town and the next ten were torn up as they were building a concrete road. I had to get off and walk every few feet through mud, sand, and ploughed fields and over piles of rocks and gravel. Had lunch at 1:30 for Kc7.50. Had polevkie (soup), gulas (meat, some kind of bread in gravy) and 2 kousky (rolls). Twenty miles from Prag my bum sprockets broke and I had to walk two miles to KostelecvCL, where I can’t get it fixed. Started to walk to Benesov, but after a mile I found I have come 10 miles on the wrong road and so returned here where I have a cold Kc10 room. Is clouding up and looks like rain. Spent 80¢ today and $1.20 for bike; rode and walked 28 miles. Wish that bonehead had put a new sprocket in like I wanted him to. Have ridden 2,977.7 miles

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