Horn, Austria

Samstag, October 5 or 6, 1928

Left at 7:30 and nearly froze for an hour. Then the sun came out and it was a fine day. At noon I had soup and two orders of gülosh and rice. About two I came to Austria and had to pay a 100-schilling duty ($15.00). The village I had picked to stay in was too small to have a place, so I had to go 13 miles on to here, starting at 6. I had gone 6½ miles and was making dandy time when I hit a stone in the dark and blew the front tire. Walked 4½ miles and the light of a passing auto showed me it was shot, so I rode it flat the last two miles to Horn. Have a room for 1½S or 21¢.

Austria, where I have been, is similar to Czecho-Slovakia and very pretty. Rode 89 miles and the hills and wind have made me plenty tired. I’ve walked 41 miles since leaving Praha. Spent 92¢ today. I’ll probably have trouble getting a tire tomorrow. If so, I’ll walk 25 miles and take a train the last 25 to Wien. Everybody makes a lot of hot air over me being an American.

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