Wien, Oesterreich

Sonntag, October 7, 1928

Had my old tire patched and left Horn at nine. For lunch the menu again was gülosh and spuds. Entering Wien a boy on a bike ahead of me took a nice spill when the frame fell apart. Five miles of cobblestones and I was in the heart of the city.

Got a 5S room for 4S in the Hotel Linke in the heart of town and a dandy room. It had been hazy all day and, when I was all dressed up like a civilized person again, it was drizzling again. Took a walk and had dinner, the first real one I have bought since Aachen, Sept. 5. Spent $1.35 and 14¢ for puncture. Rode 56 miles today.

Wien looks very interesting. There are large public buildings on all sides, wide boulevards, classy cafes and many evidences of many foreign visitors. The country was flatter today, but there are some very large hills near Wien. On one was a large castle. Riding through the hills, every direction you look can be seen the white church towers sticking up and maybe a small village of white houses nearby. The scenery is picturesque.

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