Wien, Oesterreich

Dienstag, October 9, 1928

After working over some washing, I sallied forth in quest of Schönbrunn Castle. Rode all over the west end of town but n.g. Got a new sprocket put in my bike—84¢. In the afternoon I got some directions and found the castle. It is a palace, attractive, but the marvelous gardens hold your interest. A big gateway leads up to the castle. Walking through the gate you emerge into a beautiful garden. The walk goes to a large fountain and on either side the trees are cut like a hedge 35 ft. high.

Straight on up a big hill is a huge monument from which can be seen the city and surrounding hills. All through the great gardens are fountains and statues and the trees are cut like hedges, some straight up and some to form perfect arches.

Tonight I went to the opera to see Die ägyptische Helena. Both the acting and the singing were very good.

Still no more mail. Spent $1.37 today. My financial condition has reduced me to bread and honey yesterday and 3½ loaves of bread and some good cheese today. It is very sustaining (including the smell) and good.

It is near 165 miles to Budapest. I go tomorrow.

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