Gyor, Hongerie

Mittwosh, October 10, 1928

Gave the porter a 2S tip and left hotel at 9. Got films for S2.70 and sent them to Jean and Madame Corelli. No mail at Poste. The country was as flat as a pancake, but the hills were in the distance. It was warmer than usual. Didn’t stop for lunch, but ate a couple of small brots as I rode. Came into Hungary at 2:30 and they didn’t charge any duty on the bike. Now I’m okay financially until another heavy duty on the bike.

Some of the Austrian roads were abominable and no more than wagon tracks and very rough. They went over the plain miles from a town and not a sign to guide you. Very seldom you see a machine or person in some parts. Hungary was better.

All the little villages with their white plastered houses and thatched roofs are filthy. They make a pretense at cleanliness, but cows, chickens, geese, etc. are all over and in the streets which are never cleaned. The kids are playing in all the filth. Got to Györ, a good sized city, at 5:15 and have a good room at reduced cost to 2.54 pengös, because I am an American student; and the best hotel in town. Is now raining. It drizzled once today. The cheese tonight smells the worst yet. It bites you. Total spent today $1.50 for all. Rode 82 miles.

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