Budapest, Magyar

Péntek, Oktober 12, 1928

Drizzled this morn, but soon cleared off. Got a letter from Lippy and 2 from Jean at Föposta. Walked about town all morn and at noon came back and ate more of my huge loaf of brot and cheese. Took kodak in afternoon and went across Danu River up the big hill to Halászbastya which looks like a fortress from a distance. Is only a wall and some attractive towers from which a fine view of Pest may be had. Nearby is the Mátyás-templon a Varbon or Church of King Mathew in the Fortress. The inside walls and pillars are all painted in curious mosque designs and [there are] some large paintings on the walls. Farther along the hill is the Királyi palota (Royal Palace). It too overlooks Pest, is very large, and has a pretty garden in front. On the next hill—and it is a high rugged one—stand the ruins of Vajda Hunyad vára, an old fortification. A wonderful view for miles can be had from here—the hills or mountains to the north and west, Pest in the east, and a plain on the south with the river meandering through it. The place is a park now.

Coming back across the Danu, I fooled around for an hour before I found the Föposta, but n.g. on more mail. Started to rain, but has stopped now. Pest is more interesting as a whole. There are not so many outstanding things of interest. Parliament and the Dom of St. Stephani are very pretty. Many rounded towers and domes are seen and many of the buildings show more tendency toward the oriental and mosque features. Pest is really very modern though. Four large modern bridges span the Danu; Erzsébet-hid or the Elizabeth Bridge is quite noted. Lots of streets are very wide and many very narrow, all going in every direction. Just try to find your way about! All sorts of things on wheels shooting in every direction on all sides of the street. The left side is the official one though, in Ceskoslovenska, Austria, and here. Lots of swell cafés here and the stores carry nice lines of goods. Beggars are numerous both here and in Wien. Good thing Pest is only 930,000 large [1,712,210 in 2009 for Budapest] or I’d drop dead from too much walking. 3 meals of bread and cheese today. It’s real good, but I’ll be getting fat from eating so much soon. Spent 96¢ today and 8¢ for police registration.

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