Budapest, Hungary

Szombat, Oktober 13, 1928

The day has been rainy and cold. I took a walk this morn and again this afternoon. Got two books from the library, one a book of translated poems by Petófi, Hungary’s greatest poet, and the other Elements du Rhétorique Française by Filon, in French.

The hotel portier is quite interesting and speaks English, French, German, and Hungarian. Was interred in England during the War. He lent me a good guide to Budapest. The city is divided into two parts; Buda on one side of the Danu and Pest on the other. Finally got my money cabled from home, $30, in five days. Have to wait till Monday to get Italian visa and for bank to open. Same diet today and am all stored up for tomorrow. The streets are full of beggars and old hags, some of whom go around nibbling on old crusts and [with] pitiful expressions. Men and women who sell papers yell in a dull monotonous monotone. People are very polite here. Men salute and tip there hats to each other. There are many picturesque women here with the checked or loud-colored full skirts, tight-fitting jackets, and bright kerchiefs over their heads. Spent $1.45 today.

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