Kotoriba, Yugo-Slavia

Szerda, Október 17, 1928

From bad to worse. Left at 7. Frost so heavy it was like snow. Could hardly see 100 yards through mist. Hands and feet frozen stiff for 3 hours. 12 miles from Kotariba I got off right road and to get back, following directions, I rode over 42 miles of impossible roads, wagon tracks and footpaths. Got a ferry to cross Mar River to Yugoslavia, but two soldiers bound to make trouble sent me 2.5 miles down the river to a customs station. Rode down R.R. track between ties. Crossed rivers twice on ferries and got to Kotoriba at dark, 5:30. No hotel, but a soldier took me to a restaurant across from R.R. station where they have rooms. Have one for 20 dinars. Got a large pot—6 cups—of soup and lots of rolls for dinner. It is hard traveling here—poor roads, no signposts, towns having hotels few and far apart.

Have to be very careful to get to one by 5:30. Gets dark and very cold then. Many Hungarians not friendly toward English and Americans. No duty on bike here. Gentle hill country, very pretty. Hope that cold head-wind dies out tomorrow. Rode 72 miles today. Spent 93¢.

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