Maribor, Yugoslovenska

Thursday, October 18, 1928

Left at 6:45. Was very cold, but milder than Thursday. Got on wrong road a mile out of town, but only went 4 miles. At noon I was all twisted up and didn’t know where to go. Everybody gives me a different direction and there are no good guides to follow. Finally wound up here at 4. I had no hills to climb but there was a range of big ones to my right and a high rugged range of mountains several miles to my left. I rode between [them] all day. In one small village there was a funeral for a child. It was a pitiful affair. Two small boys led the procession down the road carrying a banner and a cross. Then came four boys carrying the small casket and following them three or four people.

The scenery was fine all day. Maribor is a fair-sized city on the Drava River, surrounded on 3 sides by high mountains very close and hills on the other. I have a fine room in the best hotel and brand new, but for 70¢.

It is fun riding early. Going through small villages you have to dodge through herds of cattle and flocks of geese in the road. Tried to get some bitey cheese and found that what I have been eating is full of worms. Maybe they will bite. There are as many oxen used for hauling as horses. Very pretty slice of moon over the mountain tonight. Rode 87 miles and spent 99¢ today. Getting to be a spendthrift.

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