Trieste, Italy

Saturday, October 20, 1928

Started at 7 with a cloudy sky. Soon I was climbing a 4½-mile mountain. Instead of coming down again, the road went through upland pastures, winding around, as it went up, like a serpent, each stretch a little higher. The Yugo officials were surprised I had paid no duty on my bike and soaked me 7½ dinara tax. Then I went to a store and spent my 5½ remaining dinara for it was too small for the bank to change. The Italians went through lots of red tape, finally charging a duty of $11.30 or 210 lira and a tax of 4l.

The farther I rode, the higher and larger the mountains and the higher the road went till I was in the clouds and it was a little misty. The clouds often completely covered a peak so you would be unaware of its presence till almost to it. The scenery was marvelous, especially with the leaves turning color.

Finally the road came down 9½ miles and as I rounded a bend, all of Trieste with the calm Mediterranean lay hundreds of feet below me. It was a most splendid view. I wound down the steep road four miles into the city. It is a wonder I got in a hotel for I was white with dust, even my hands. A little jewing and I got my room for 10.5l or 55¢.

There is something fascinating and charming about Trieste. I fell right into the air and spent two hours leisurely wandering about the city. It is an attractive and busy place. Part of it is built on the slope of the mountain. The sea was very beautiful with the sun sinking down toward the horizon. The sun came out as soon as I got in Italy and the weather is quite mild, even the evening. I broke down and got a haircut, nearly 2 months and the barber worked long and hard over it, cutting off an unbelievable amount. I urged him to cut off more, so it is quite short. Rode 69 miles over pretty good roads for the most part and spent $2.26 including taxes and 2 films,13l.

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