Venice, Italy

Sunday, October 21, 1928

Oh, what a day this turned out to be. The road followed the shore, gradually rising till it was some 200 feet above the waters, in the side of the hill. At 6 it was mildly cool and the air fragrant. It was a perfect ride for 20 miles, high above the calm sea dotted with tiny craft and the great rocky hills towering up from the road. The road then cut away from the sea and went through mostly uninteresting country, flat, to Venice. They had told me at the hotel it was an 81-mile ride. At noon I had gone 60.

After a good but too-small lunch I set out on the wrong road and was told it was the right one, thus going 24 miles out of my way. A goodly part of the last twenty was done in a regular cloud-burst. It got dark as I entered Mestre. It is a fair-sized place with an amusement park and packed with people. Got off the road again, but finally reached the dock and took the 4-mile ride to Venice. The rain had stopped and the moon shone pretty, reflected in the water. The boat steamed up a street and I landed. Didn’t have an idea of where I was but followed the crowd into a busy street where I got a good room in a nice hotel for 13.35l or 70ยข. I was soaked to the skin and my britches had a six-inch rip at the knee. In other words, I was a wreck and went to bed right away, at 8. Rode 130 miles and 4 on boats. Spent $1.65 which is too darned much.

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