Bologna, Italy

Wednesday, October 24, 1928

At 4AM three mosquitoes came to life, so after killing them, just got up and left on the 5:10 boat for Mestre. The roads were fine today except 25 miles, and I made good time, arriving at Bologna at 3:35. There were several large residences in the country near Padova, fine places with large gardens. Many, though, were going to ruin and had poor families in them. Past Pàdova the road ran parallel to some rugged hills for several miles. There were evidences of the glory of former days about. On the top of one rugged peaked hill stood the ruins of an old castle and in the towns were ancient buildings.

In Bologna and most other cities about here the streets are very narrow and instead of open sidewalks, they have passigos or sort of cloisters, arched on the street side and the stores, etc. on the other. This city has mostly very old buildings. The public buildings are huge, of red brick and very ugly. Even some of the churches are this way. There is such a church in the center of town, huge and plain. Inside the church is simple and this mammoth size and height dwarf you to nothing. In one street are two very tall square towers. One is intact, but the other is torn halfway down for the foundation has settled and it is several feet out of line. The city is in a process of rejuvenation and lots of tearing down is going on. Beautiful new structures are going up and with the same style passigos as before. Many of the show windows and stores are very fine. It has tried hard to rain all day and is now drizzling. I have a nice room for 11.10l or 58¢ in a good hotel and here I stay till it clears. About 75 from Florence and 250 to Rome and I think the hills start tomorrow. Spent $1.17 today. Rode 110 miles today.

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