Aboard Linan

Thursday, September 5, 1929

Woke up this morning to find the spray coming into the cabin. Nearly went on my ear getting out of bed. The ship is heading into a stiff gale and laboring against a rough sea, getting rougher all the time. We are rolling all over the China Sea and every once in a while you hear a few pans slide and hit the deck.

After breakfast I finished all the newspapers and went up in the bow of the ship to enjoy the breeze—so much breeze you can only keep your feet by hanging on to the railing. Everything went fine till three waves came over the bow and sent me back to the saloon like a drowned rat.

We are following a few miles off the coast. It is still mostly hilly and rugged, sometimes with a little stretch of low sandy beach. There are plenty of islands near the coast and some rocks. Getting too durned rough to sit at the table and write. . . . .Just had a wave come into the dining saloon.

The going us slow—half-speed—and only 118 miles covered in 19 hours with 169 to do in the next 18.

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