Kobe, Japan

Thursday, October 10, 1029

Good old Kobe weather—rainy and chilly. Ventured out to get my bi-semi-yearly haircut, whatever that is—probably a tri-bi-annual harvesting of the crop. Had my doubts as to the result when, after entering a neighboring shop, a young cross-eyed, baboon-faced beauty began to lay out an elaborate assortment of the various tools necessary. A lawnmower was all he missed. My hopes rose when the real barber appeared. Never had such a gentle haircut in my life—just as if I were a fragile ornament. Got a little osteopathy done on my neck too. Probably trying to pound in the hairs that were too tough to cut off. The total result was OK though and I still have my schoolgirl complexion.

Went around to see Terry Milne in the afternoon and had dinner downtown with him in the evening. Left on the 8:13 for Yokohama. Plenty crowded till we reached Osaka, then thinned down enough so I could stretch out—or rather, cramp up in a knot and try to get some sleep.

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