Yokohama — Aboard Asama Maru

Friday, October 11, 1929

Woke up for the last time as we were passing Fuji just after daylight. Was completely enveloped in masses of gray rain clouds but in a moment when they drifted apart near the cone I could see it was covered with white—the first snow.

Japanese trains get dirtier per minute of use than any others I have ever seen. Ten minutes after the sweeper has come through, the floor is again littered with lunch boxes, clay tea pots, glass jars of tea, papers, etc.

Arrived at 7:48 AM and went to my dive for a parting Japanese breakfast—12 sen. Then walked out to the Asama Maru. Have a cabin with three other boys, one a German.

The ship is a dandy—out on her maiden voyage. [Wiki article said the maiden voyage was September 15, 1929—who to believe?] Beautiful lounges in Tudor style, dining hall in early Georgian, fine swimming pool, gym, spacious promenade decks, everything the last word in comfort and style.

Third class is very nice—lots of room to move about, decent-sized cabins with four double bunks but very comfortable. Meals are pretty good, though nothing elaborate. There are a number of other foreigners in third—most of them Germans, I believe, perhaps Russian. However, there are a couple of men who are Americans, one of whom has just got his citizenship papers.

Of the three boys in my cabin, one is from Russia. Was on a train that was bombed by airplanes on his way here and although people all around him were killed, he escaped and will join his mother in America. Another has been to America, perhaps is a citizen, but comes from Russia. The third is a German who has worked in China the last two and a half years. There are five nationalities at our table including Sonia who says her nationality is Jewish—not Russian.

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