Aboard Asama Maru

Tuesday, October 15, 1929

Have had splendid weather lately—sunny, warm days, strong breeze, blue skies and sea. No ships—only flying fish, two or three gulls, and yesterday a whale.

People seem to have recovered their appetites for the most part and actually appear at mealtimes—though many spend most of the day in their bunks. Many more of my plans have gone to the bow-wows. I understood I could after all get my ticket through to Frisco with a two-week stop-over in Honolulu—at $11.88 additional cost. However, today I learned the immigration laws permit no such a thing for steerage class. Which means I stop at Honolulu anyway and trust to luck I’ll find something cheap when I’m ready to leave.

Met a boy in the prow of the ship today—Victor Sheridan from New York—who is an Ohio State man. Started off on a round-the-world trip, visited Cuba, Canal Zone, up the coast to Frisco, and then to Japan where he became sick and had to give it up. So after six weeks he is returning via Honolulu—in second class. Also met a very interesting Indian whom I hope to talk to some more. Queer where you meet people from your own school—Berlin, Delhi, Canton, and now on the Pacific.

Last night was a gala one. The reason? movies.  At one end of a hatch a sheet of canvas served as the screen. Unfortunately the performance was held on a lower deck where it was rather warm. Still a good crowd of steerage passengers turned out with all the kids. From the noise which greeted Phelix the Cat, I should say that Phelix has visited in Russia. The next picture was a tooth-pulling dentist comedy—so silly you had to laugh. All went well till the end when they discovered that they had shown the last part first—so we got the first last.

Have gone 1,620 miles (noon) with about 1,780 to do yet. Cross the date line—180°—tomorrow about 2 PM.

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