Zurich, Switzerland to Milan, Italy

Tuesday, November 27, 1928

I took a train to Zurich, arriving there at 10AM. The day was drizzly and cold. I walked around till I was cold and then returned to find a cold room. At one I decided I had seen enough of Zurich, so putting my suitcase under my slicker, I innocently walked out of the hotel and was soon on a train bound for Milano. Tough on hotel profits. As we left the city it had begun to snow and by the time we had reached St. Gotthard Pass, that long tunnel (7 or 8 miles) under the mountains, there were 4 or 6 inches of snow on the ground, making the scenery even more lovely. That ride through the Alps down the narrow winding valleys, by the side of leaping torrents, and finally into milder Italy, was a rare treat. Night fell before we reached Lake Como. As we passed it, high up above its level, the moon rose over the high hills and made a bright silver path across the lake. The snowy mountains glistened in the moonlight and the opposite shore and up the side of the hill added beauty to the scene.

At Lugano a huge crowd was cheering some person who got in the car ahead of me. At each station a huge crowd would always be waiting to cheer him. The people were very excited. Not to be left out, between two stations when the battle to be near him had subsided a bit, I asked him to sign my passport which he did. A young man, nice looking, with a sense of humor. I cannot read his signature, but later found out that he was returning from the North Pole, an Italian. $6.88.

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