Milan, Italy

Wednesday, November 28, 1928

This was a day of sightseeing in Milano. I was somewhat disappointed with the city, perhaps because I had heard so much of it and was expecting too much. It suffers in comparison to Torino. Of course, it is very much larger, though. There are a number of pretty sections, though, and parks. The old Castle Sforzeseo with its several courts is interesting as is the arch seen from the castle at the end of a pretty park. To me the most impressive thing is the marvelous cathedral, a maze of artistic stone work, small spires, and strange figures. Inside all is simple, but the vastness, the great high pillars, the solemnity, are all overwhelming. The large arcade named after Victtorio Emmanuel II is interesting as are the many small narrow streets in a nearby section. The city is not as clean and well kept though as Torino. $1.84.

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