Genoa, Italy

Thursday, November 29, 1928

This was Thanksgiving and a busy day for me. I took the morning train back to Genova, arriving there at noon. Getting my same room back, with the bathtub alongside the bed, I fell to on my many dirty clothes and soon the room looked like Lizzie’s backyard. My new system of washing shirts and letting the packing do the pressing I think is a very good one—at least cheap. Then I sent a package to Rudd in which was his Xmas present, a tiny revolver that shoots blanks, and 8 more rolls of films to be developed. I guess he’ll raise the roof for a while now. After dinner I cleaned my bike and turned in at eleven.

My two meals Thanksgiving consisted of two bowls of soup, two plates of spaghetti, and a piece of chocolate. — $4.54.

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