Monaco and French Riviera

Saturday, December 1, 1928

I soon came to the border and crossed into France. Menton is a charming resort on the Cote d’Azur. A short distance farther on is Monte Carlo and by it Monaco high on a projecting arm of land. Monte Carlo can justly claim to be the most beautiful and best kept town on the Rivière. Everything is pretty and attractive there. The Casino is very elaborate and has a beautiful garden in front with perfect walks all about it. The scenery here is the most beautiful of anywhere along the Rivière. The high hills with steep cliffs at the tops, the beautiful bay, etc. make an irresistible charm. Monaco has many narrow passageways and is more quaint. A few miles on and we come to Nice. It too is very beautiful. The Quai États-Unis and the Promenade Anglais, both along the shore, are very pleasant. Then, the boulevard is lined with beautiful hotels. The Jeté Casino built out over the water is a fine one and at night is lit up attractively.

Boats for Corsica leave only on certain days and so I had to leave the same night on the General Bonaparte, and really a second-class passenger. I took only a camera with me. At eight we sailed and once out of the harbor the lights all along the Rivière were very pretty as was a large moon that rapidly rose from the dark sea. — $3.82.

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