Marseille, France

Wednesday, December 5, 1928

We dock at Marseille at 6AM. After wandering all over the poor section of town, as I always manage to do, I found the good part. Only walked past the American Express Co. four times before I saw it but that is just like a man, I guess, so I’m excused. Got a letter from Dad, Mother, Lippy, Jean (2), Hory, and a paper with the glad tidings of Ind[iana]’s defeat by [Ohio] State, and last but not least, the funny paper.

I like Marseille even if I don’t think it very attractive. The imposing Notre Dame de la Garde reposing high on a rocky hill is very striking and commands a fine view of the city. The cathedral near the harbor is a mammoth affair of Italian Renaissance style and very taking. The Pont Transbordeur is a queer-looking affair—more like a huge crane than a ferry bridge. There are several forts on the harbor, lots of dirty narrow streets in the poorer sections, and some very beautiful gardens, etc. and interesting buildings. $1.31.

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