Tuesday, January 22, 1929

Again the levanter hung low and showered Gib with a misty rain off and on through the day. I met an American and his wife, [Delano] Ames by name, at the hotel and we drove all over the Rock in their little “Alex” as they called it., taking pictures. Both are authors or novelists, the wife writing under the name of [Maysie] Greig. Ames knows the Seymour boys, Helen Nicholas, and Ann Outhwaite. After lunch I said goodbye to Mr. Sprague but could not find Mr. Merrick. Had a letter from Jean. Went to the Baileys for dinner. Pressed my suit there, Mr. Bailey’s and everything else I could lay my hands on. No brains—forgot to return Kathleen’s (big) book and now I’ll have to trot up here before the boat leaves in the morning. Haven’t an idea when that is. Must be 12:00 now and I am nearly through packing.

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