Taboru, Czecho-Slovakia

Thursday, October 4, 1928

I seem to have changed my tactics and am now taking a hike through Europe. Started at 7:15 and walked 32 miles over the hills before I could get my bike fixed in Benesov. Could have taken a shorter cut, but took a chance of finding a place before reaching there and lost. Roads are poorly marked and I got off once or twice. Had lunch in the kitchen of a Hostice for Kc11. When the bike was OK, I rode 29 miles to Taboru and have a good room for Kc11. Another man in it too, but haven’t seen him yet.

The cloudy morning [Friday, October 5, 1928] gave way to a warmer sunny afternoon. The hills are big and very pretty. Lots of pine and cedar forests on them. Got to Taboru at 6:30 after dark, with still over 100 to Wien. This country manufactures very fine cut glass and airplane motors. Fine laces and silks are made by hand and sold cheaply.

These back-country dirt roads are not so hot. Rode and walked 61 miles. Spent 88¢ and 15¢ for bike.

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