The Rock

Thursday, January 17, 1929

The Resolute from New York on a world cruise stopped here today. The town came to life and the Americans swarmed the streets, very conspicuous, chasing in all directions buying all sorts of things mostly from oriental bazaars. I stood in front of the post office a long time and could not keep from smiling. I bought one lady 3¢ worth of stamps as she had no English bobbies. Also, was an information bureau. Didn’t see a person I knew.

After lunch I went up to the levanter hanging over the city [the perfect link—do click on it!]. Tonight it is not so cloudy and the moon is very pretty reflected across the waters of the bay. I made a visit to the ship agency this morning and feel fairly sure I’ll leave tomorrow—today now. Most all these people I meet here know Egypt and Africa from Cape Town to the Suez, and many Europe, etc. I get lots of suggestions as to where to go and what to see but it is not so easy to get there. In spite of my mustache, I’m still taken for 18. Well, I don’t care. In fact, it’s rather fun. 1AM and bedtime.

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