Cairo, Egypt

Wednesday, February 6, 1929

Didn’t do much all day except get my visa for India, Australia, Ceylon, and Straits Settlements. That cost me $10.50. Packed my stuff and wrote a letter till 5 when I went to Cook’s. Met a boy there from Akron, Wm. Warden, who had been traveling from West to East for 14 months. Later on the train I met a man from Chicago, Mr. Wm. Andrews. We had a nice talk till we reached Kantara where I changed for Palestine. Crossed the Suez Canal on a ferry and had a two-hour wait before the train left. The police and people in authority sure treat the natives and peasants with no respect and use a strong hand or stick rather than words. The trip was a cold one. I stood in the second-class car all night because there was less draft there. Read French and tried to keep warm. We made several stops at small stations at oases in the Sinai Desert.

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