Crawford, Scotland

Wednesday, August 8, 1928

Left Carlisle with no breakfast and with the exception of a glass of milk for Jack and two bananas for me at 11:30, we did not eat till one. I had 4 cups of tea and 2 cakes.

We rode into a strong wind that increased during the afternoon so that we could hardly go against it. A cold rain didn’t dry things off. After 8 hours we arrived in Crawford and got a room and breakfast for 8/6. For dinner I had three small apples and a box of crackers. Tough on an unsatisfied hunger. Saw the birthplace of  Thomas Carlyle in Ecclefechan, Scotland. It was a small, plain brick, white-washed house that was attached to another by an archway. A small stream ran between it and the road.

These green Scotch lowlands are certainly pretty. The hills are high, but rounded. It is very cold and windy tonight and it looks like rain. A chambermaid has been flirting with us, but with no success.

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