Jerusalem, Palestine

Tuesday, February 12, 1929

The guide friend was waiting for me when I got up today, Went with him to the Jaffa Gate where the drivers had a lively time over who was to take me to Bethlehem. Got in a car with 3 other men and rode the 5 miles for 10ยข. Mort had given me the name of a boy to look up who would show me around. This boy showed me through the Church of the Nativity, down in the place where Christ was born, etc, then to the Milk Grotto, up in the tower and down in the grotto where the crusaders were thrown when they died. Bones and skulls lay all around on the floor and on each side was a great large pile of them. The number of boys increased as we went along. They insisted on giving me presents, post-cards, fruit, and wine. They took me to see how mother-of-pearl shells were carved into souvenirs, etc. The wine soon began to take effect on an empty stomach and I really had a time. One other boy was drunk too and when I got back to the hotel I was pretty sick. Spent a couple of hours up on the roof on a blanket in the warm sun. Later I did some washing and we all had beans, hamburger, and bacon up in Mort’s room, all cooked on the little stove. Our Bethlehem friends dropped in to say good-bye. A party of American tourists is in town today. Nearly all packed now and sandwiches made for the train ride tomorrow.

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