Port Said, Egypt

Wednesday, February 27, 1929

Tuesday was a nice hot day and I didn’t miss soaking up all the sun I could. Washed a few more clothes and failed to arouse the necessary courage to tackle the holes I rubbed in my britches. I tried to take a spot out with lemon, but only made a nice big new one. Now it’s necessary to re-wash one leg.

The Drasile, Italian ship (not so hot) and the Koinigin der Nederlanden, Dutch, were in yesterday. The New York is laying here eight days while its passengers see Egypt.

It must have been around 90° on the hanging garden today. I didn’t miss a trick either, but sat in the sun all afternoon till I thought I would boil. Wrote about all afternoon and finished Harry Hervey’s King Cobra yesterday. It is a very good book on Indo-China. Had some cocoa with “Jackie” Houda this evening. The P&O Rajputana and the Orient Oransava (?) were in today, the former with mail from England, so I have hopes of letters by Friday. Looks as though I would have to get a haircut within the next two weeks or so as I haven’t indulged for some seven weeks.

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