Karachi, India

OK Saturday Monday, April 8 6, 1929 Saturday, April 6, 1929

Spent the whole day and evening at developing films. Friday night I had got out lots of negatives. Terrible success. After a whole day of labor, trying all sorts of experiments, I discovered the film paper will not work in daylight, but by electric light. Mort and I stayed up till 4AM Sunday so as to get the pictures printed for the sailors on the Romolo. Found two bed-bugs after all our work. Can’t be many though. Mosquitoes are fierce at night. They attack you from above and beneath. M and F got some netting and made a net, but usually find a mosquito in it before they get to sleep and wake up with bites. I wrap my jacket around my bare knees, put on my shirt, my towel around my head and tucked down the collar of my shirt, and my sweater all wrapped around my arms and hands. Still, they get me. The main trouble is that my towel is so dirty it is hard to breathe through. Towels are unnecessary as you dry off in a couple of minutes without one.

Kinds, Types, Families, and Associations of Animals found in Our Home Sweet Home, in order of importance.

1. Bedbugs

2. Mosquitoes

3. Small ants

4. Flies

5. Large red ants

6. Sparrows

7. Queer type of fly

8. Gnats

9. Spiders

10.Sort of ladybug

11. Rats

12. Pigeons

13. Fleas

14. Few misc. types

15. 3 Saps

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