Paris, France

Monday, August 27, 1928

Started at 7:30 and stopped for coffee and 9 pieces of bread and butter at 10. Road was fairly level and wind helped sometimes and hindered others. Arrived at Paris at 5 after 84 miles and 2 glasses of cidre. Passed through much war country, Cantigny, etc. but only saw the remains of many trenches in the fields. Met Milt at Y and then went to NY Hotel where Jack had a room. We are sharing it for 20F per. Had a good dinner and then saw Milt off to Hamburg where he gets his boat. Jack and I then walked about a bit and I bought a quart de cidre for15F or 60ยข before returning to the hotel. A beautiful moon tonight in a sky of milky white clouds about 11 or 12PM.

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