At sea on S.S. Clairton

Sunday, July 29, 1928

Weather has been cool and cloudy with a strong wind for the most part. The ocean has been a little wavy and rolly. The boat makes between 280 and 300 miles a day. We have amused ourselves by hunting rats, making horseshoes out of rope and wire, making a harpoon from an old poker. This latter is great sport. Many schools of porpoises come near the boat. These fish like to swim just in front of the prow. Thus it is not hard to harpoon at them. So far, we have been unsuccessful. Have finished 6th and 7th novels. At present ocean is pretty rough and ship is tossing about quite a bit. A gale of wind is blowing. We should sight Fastnet, an island off Ireland, tomorrow afternoon. About 200 miles off now.

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