Paris, France

Thursday, August 30, 1928

Took a 19-mile ride on bike to Notre Dame, South Paris, and through the Bois de Bologne in morning. Notre Dame is a fine cathedral and is one of the wonders of the world. Huge is the inside and has two isles or naves on either side and also private chapels all around. Bois de Bologne is very beautiful and has some pretty lakes. Had wine for lunch. Jack’s English friend wanted to go out with us, so after a drink of his Benedictine, we walked around, stopping for coffee and then to Eiffel Tower. The lighting of this is very pretty at night. A series of red lights travel up the side—then there are flashes like lightning—then a huge fountain—then an ad for Citroën Cars. On the way back we stopped for ice cream at one of the sidewalk parlors. When nearly back to the hotel Jack saw a blonde in a café, so we had to go in there for him. This time we bought mugs of beer—except Jack.

Arrived at the hotel; our friend insisted on a parting toast as we were all leaving Paris soon. His older friend was there and we all had a round of brandy and soda. Pretty soon the two English girls staying here knocked and came in, so the party lasted until nearly 2AM. Felt a little dizzy when I came to my room to go to bed. So was Jack. A few minutes later our friend came in with our glass and full of brandy and soda for a last adieu. After this he opened the door and tossed the glass into the street five floors below. An old Roman custom so he said. Thus we were out our glass too. This pair of men, one about 35 and the other 55 or 60 are both bachelors and have traveled all over together. They have had a great time in Paris. These English, some of them, take it as a hurt if you refuse to drink a toast. These two were a case. They put us in a class above the average American. We were OK so they said.

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