Friday, May 10, 1929—Hall’s 22nd birthday

Feel a little better today, though still have a headache and sore throat. Went down to Cook’s this morning and got my money from Bombay. Mort and Frank received a stack of mail from Calcutta. Wrote a couple of letters before taking the bike back to the Fort. Left most of our stuff at the hotel and started for Kashmir at 8:30 PM. Nearly missed our train at 9:30 as there were two going to Lahore and didn’t know which was ours. Finally hopped in a compartment just as the train started. It happened to be a private one in use by a paymaster of the road, but the train was crowded and we had to be on somewhere. However, the five men guarding the cash were very nice and we had lots of room to sleep in, especially after they got off at some time during the night. The wood felt soft and we all slept well.

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