Copenhagen, Denmark

Monday, September 17, 1928

The good dinner must have been too much for me, for I hardly slept all night. Got up at eight and walked around until eleven-thirty when the boat left for Copenhagen. Rode third for 1.70 or 46¢ . The ride was pleasant and only lasted about an hour and a half.

The best way to see a city is to hunt a place to eat when you are starved and then a place to stay. I walked all over before I found a place to eat. Had soup and a good vegetable dinner with rolls for 2.70. The kroner is worth 27¢ and is divided into 100 öres. Went to Cook’s and had a check cashed. That brings my reserve down to $10 and cash on hand $13.50, which means I shall have to scratch harder from now on.

As a starter I shall take the 10:58PM boat from Trälleborg [Sweden] to Sassnitz [Germany]. It will land me at 3AM, but I will save on a room for the night. Got a map of the city at Cook’s, finally got a nice room for 2.5, and then started out at 4:30 to see the sights. I followed the map and had seen everything by six. There is not so much to see here. The Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Palace are interesting. Neither looks like it sounds.

The palace consists of four plain buildings built around a street intersection. The Town Hall is a large, more or less plain building, having a few gilded decorations and a tall clock tower. It is all of red brick. The Round Tower is a tall tower at one end of an old church. Instead of stairs to the top, there is a winding runway. The Marble Church is pretty mainly because of its huge dome, also much gilded. There are several very pretty gardens, such as the Tivoli, Zoological, and Botanical Gardens. They all have pretty lagoons in them. Our Saviours Church is interesting because of its tall, much gilded tower with a winding spiral stairs to the top on the outside. Walked through the barracks which are old enough. The helmets look like inverted pans because they stick out so much.

Bought some cheese and bread and came back here. Fell asleep for an hour. Am now in bed dining and writing. It will be interesting tomorrow just knocking around. Never saw so many bikes in all my life. There are 30 to every auto. Auto traffic amounts to but little here and also in most of these more northern countries. This town is a very clean one. Saw a sub and destroyers coming in harbor.

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