Berlin, Germany

Thursday, September 20, 1928

The Germans get underway early; consequently I was on the road before 7, and a bum one it was for 15 miles. Then it got good all the way to Berlin. Germany is certainly beautiful. The land was a little hilly and full of lakes. One very large one reminded me of Elk Lake in Michigan—and very beautiful. The whole ride was very pleasant.

Stopped for lunch 20 miles from Berlin. Had soup made of plum juice and mashed plums, and a huge plate of boiled potatoes and gravy of cabbage. Had three and a half heaping platefuls and almost burst. Had to sit at the table a while. Only cost ½ mark.

Arrived in Berlin at 3, got 13 letters at the Am.Exp. and searched 1½ hours before I found a hotel where I have a good room for drei Mark für Schlafen. This zimmer-hunting is not much fun. Rode 103 miles yesterday and 89 today. Just spent glorious hour and half reading mail. Am tired, so in bed at 7 eating Brot, Käse and apples and listening to music.

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