Agra, India

Thursday, June 20, 1929Agra Fort

[There is a long brochure about the Agra Fort pasted in to save Hall the trouble of copying it for us. Makes it easy to ignore. . .thanks Dad!]

A time-saver for sleepy people—not too correct nor full, but enough to give an idea of the Agra Fort we visited this morning. While it is a beautiful place, especially in the marble palace built by Shah Jahan, it is not the equal in beauty to the palaces etc. in the Delhi Fort.

Pretty hot again today. I broke out with a ton of prickly heat which doesn’t help. It rained some this afternoon and cooled things down a lot. We set out for the Taj later, but got no farther than the photographer’s where we got our pictures. For the last five hours or more we have been laboring over them, identifying them to send home, etc. Some job, and we’re not through yet. We are visiting Akbar’s tomb early tomorrow.

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