Honolulu, Hawaii

Sunday, October 27, 1929

Ate breakfast with Jeff, then went back to the Y and read a sizable book on Hawaiian Islands and followed it with nearly a three-hour swim in the Y tank. Eddy and Vance called at 4:30. Picked up Jeff and Eddy, Jeff and I went horseback riding. Great riding along the sandy beach and all had horses that craved to tear.

Jeff had us down to dinner at his hotel (he is from Canada—21 years) and then we (all but John who went to a show) drove around and returned to the house. John drove up while I was swinging a golf club in the front yard and took me for a ride up to the top of the hills overlooking the lighted city—a fine sight. Returned, we found the others had gone off on a visit, so sat around till they returned. Came home after eleven, wrote till after twelve, then turned in for a little lost sleep.

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