Kilauea Camp, Hawaii

Saturday, November 2, 1929

I was so efficient in consuming two dinners in the time of one half last night that it was at least three before I could go to sleep this morning—all of which puts me sadly behind in sleep. Sure was an enormous waste of time—kept thinking of volcanoes and craters and lava and rocks. Might have been those two pieces of pineapple pie I ate.

Well, I finally got to sleep only to awaken at five-fifty-nine and wonder if I had missed breakfast (what a stomach!). A minute later my thoughts were answered by a bell. I was up and dressed before it stopped ringing and on my way to the mess hall—all to discover it was only to get up and I had left a warm bed a half hour early.

This morning I visited “the field,” flatteringly termed “the golf course.” Over its half-baked and barren hills and dales of lava and wiry grass I rode my steed in search of the Koa Forest, Koa trees being Hawaiian mahogany, and tree molds. The latter are lava-lined holes 10 to 15 feet in the ground and of varying widths, caused by a flow of hot lava about a tree trunk, the trunk being burned away leaving the lava mold showing roots and everything.

A couple miles farther on over the dirt trail one comes upon the Bird Park, also known as Kipuka Puaulu. This beautiful park has escaped the lava flows that surround it and its rich soil supports 56 acres of flourishing vegetation and trees (40 species of trees) as well as many beautiful and rare native birds.

After walking through pastures, woods, and lava flows for another mile, I returned to camp and rode out to [blank] where it is said an old temple stood, dedicated to Pele. At this point the rim of the crater is highest and nearest to Halemaumau. In 1798 (?) an army of Hawaiians opposing Hamekameha I unfortunately passed by here. Pele bestirred the volcano to action and one of the tree sections was wiped out, I think by the same kind of fine powder-dust that sunk [actually buried] Pompeii. It is said there are still many footprints made by the fleeing army in the soft lava.

This afternoon went along Steaming Cliff and down the Sandalwood Trail onto the lava. Cloudy and windy this evening.

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