Stratford, England

Sunday, August 19, 1928

Left Doncaster at 9 and with no breakfast. By noon I was 37 miles to Oxton where I had a fine dinner, 2 helpings. Was so full I was miserable for a half hour and could hardly ride. Nottingham, Leicester, and Warwick are very nice looking towns and better than most I have been in. Arrived at Stratford about nine, having ridden 119 miles today. Near 100 more to London tomorrow. Have a nice room at 5/6 for bed and breakfast. Just had bread and coffee to stave off hunger till morn. This seems to be a pretty town. I came in after dark. Hilly country again today and I had to fight a wind all of the way. Rode a little way with a man near Nottingham and he took me into his church to see it. Very pretty stained glasses, Medistyle.

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