Delhi, India

Sunday, May 5, 1928

Shade temp 109°. Took a tonga down through the park to Cook’s near the Kashmir Gate. The porter let us have our mail and we spent a long time in the park reading it. I had 14 letters. Some must be missing, including the check to Colombo, for these represent the last three months’ mail. Got the check from Bombay. Suppose I’ll have to leave the boys when we get back from Kashmir, and rush on. They won’t be home till about December and I should be back about as soon as I can get there. This couldn’t possibly be July unless I took a non-stop boat from Calcutta within a week. Guess I’ll have to cut out southern India, Ceylon, Burma possibly, and Tibet. The rest I can do faster if I have more money. If not, I’ll save by cutting out hotels in some places. This way I can get to Japan and ready to sail before the last of August.

Later in the afternoon we got busy on correspondence. I am far enough behind, for since the middle of March there have been darned few letters from me. Wrote to U.S. Shipping Board about return passage via Hawaii. Also to Calcutta for my mail—trying to collect enough money to keep moving. Have a hunch I shall be flat more than once on this last leg—especially as mail hasn’t all been reaching me.

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