Delhi, India

Monday, May 6, 1929

Went to the post office to send off some letters and there bumped into two boys from Cincinnati who had started in January and were traveling west. Jack Martin goes to Penn, while Burt Wallenstein went to State for a year and a half—till last year, and knows lots of people I do. He is a darned good fellow. We five had a session in Cook’s, got our business done there; I got a bundle of papers and sent my check to Bombay for collection.

Later, in the afternoon, we all piled in a tonga and drove to the Red Fort. It is the most attractive place I have seen in a long time. Beautiful gardens, splendid marble audience halls, and other Indian buildings through which water flowed and fountains splashed. Saw the site of the famous Peacock Throne, reputed to have been worth some $30,000,000.

Burt and Jack had passage booked on a ship for Port Said from Bombay on the eleventh, so had to rush on that night. The way they are seeing the world is a crime. Didn’t stop at Benares because they heard it was dirty. Were carrying a man with them to keep their things in order and be useful in general. He had a soft life, though and even got two rupees a day plus his train and hotel expenses paid.

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