Köln and Aachen, Germany

Wednesday, September 5, 1928

Left at 8AM after getting stung extra for bath and 10% tip. Rode about Koblenz for a while. It is an attractive city. From there I rode 11 miles before I saw the river or any hills. They both came at once and a beautiful site it was too—the larger river flowing between high precipitous hills and cliffs. On their summits were many castles of by-gone days and a few still in use. The road was flat but one followed the Rhine about ¼ of the time but the prettiest fourth. The wind was with me and by noon I had gone 50 miles and stopped to have a big lunch just past Bonn. This is a resort town somewhat and a nice looking place. From here on the Rhine flowed through flat country. At least from the road it is only beautiful part of the time. As a whole I would say the scenery around the Moselle River is prettier, but then I didn’t see all of the Rhine Valley.

Arrived at Köln at 2PM and rode around. It is a pretty town, as a whole, and quite large. All of these larger towns have what looks to be a gate of a former wall. The street runs through it but it is more like a tower with no connecting walls. Then I turned due west and with the wind against me rode 50 miles to Aachen. It is a city of over 155,000 inhabitants. [Only 246,000 in 2010.] Rode all over before getting a hotel. Finally got one for 2 marks and dinner 1 mark. Was a good dinner. Hope it doesn’t cost more.

I had decided to have a loaf of bread and water for dinner, but it doesn’t give an awful lot of strength for riding. Most all German roads are stone or cobblestone and it is terribly hard to ride on for long. When I ask directions I get a lecture in German and the direction from watching their hands. Rode 110 miles today. Am very near to both Holland and Belgium. Streets from square lead to all.

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