Bruxelles, Belgium

Thursday, September 6, 1928

Left Aachen at 7:15 and soon came to Belgian border. Had to pay a duty on my bike and as I didn’t have the required sum, the officer was kind enough to cut it to 136F. This sightseeing is mostly thorns. The way was all big hills and rotten dirt roads full of stones. A gale of wind was against me so that I made but 12 miles in 2 hours. [The mystery here is: How does he know that?] Made Liege by 11:30 and was so worn out I had a bite to eat—ate some rolls on the steps to the station, much to the disgust of one employee, and took the 1:58 train (3rd class) for Bruxelles. The wood seat was pretty hard, but soft compared to bouncing about on the bike.

Arrived at 4:30 looking like a coal miner. Got 7 letters at Am.Exp.Co. and cleaned up there. Then found a hotel for 15F or 45¢. Took a walk; had rolls and water for dinner. Met an American downstairs and had a long talk. Did the washing and will do the mending tomorrow.

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