Berlin, Germany

Sunday, September 23, 1928

Again I got all dolled up and again rode out to Madame Corelli’s, this time for 9 o’clock breakfast. I took her my suitcase and blanket. We walked around the corner to the Zoological Gardens and to a very pretty tea garden in the open. Here we met Mrs. Hartock of Berlin, one of the very rich women of Berlin, and we all had a dandy breakfast. Then we walked around for a long time, looking at the animals. The zoo is one of the largest and a very pretty one both for natural beauty and the buildings.

Saw a 4-day-old elephant, the first ever born in a zoo, It is nearly 3 feet tall, about as large as a large dog. Went back and had lunch with Madame and then took my leave.

Rode through the Tiergarten, the beautiful wooded park, full of lakes and statues and down the drive where there is a marble statue on each side of the street every couple hundred feet. Took a picture of the big Brandenburg Gate and then rode east on the Unter den Linden and took pictures of the Dom and some of the other things there. The palaces of Kaiser Frederick and Kaiser Wilhelm I are very pretty and are museums now. A rain came up and I beat it for the hotel. Is very chilly weather. Spent 82ยข today including room at hotel.

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