Poznanski, Poland

Friday, September 28, 1928

Started late today. Had to find a bb [bedbug] on the bed when I got up. They seem to be in about 1/3 of the places in Europe. You can’t keep away from them. Had a good lunch in a small village and the proprietor wouldn’t charge me for it. He was an ex-Polish soldier and spoke French so we got along. In Póznán I had my hotel hunt and wound up in the best, Monopol Hotel at 6.30s. No mail for me here. Walked about town.

Many buildings show a Russian style of architecture, fancy rounded domes, etc. It is all very interesting. The Universytet Poznanski is attractive and of a good size. The Collegium Medicum is across the street. The buildings are around a pretty park with a pond in it. I am a mark of curiosity here. Had 12 apples today. Bread and foul-smelling but good-tasting cheese for dinner. Rode 31 or 32 miles today and spent 8.20 croszy or 99¢ plus 76¢ for two rolls of films.

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