2×4, Germany

Saturday, September 29, 1928

I wandered about Poznán till ten and then went to see about the mail but n.g. Left at 11 and for lunch stopped in the country and ate apples and some darned good white bread. Once my pack fell off when the ropes wore through and broke. The cobwebs and bugs were a nuisance, but it was a nice ride.

At the Polish border I had to take all the pack off and then they didn’t even look at it. I could have shot them. The German officer fussed around, I think not knowing how to go about things. It had been cloudy and now started to drizzle, so I hurried to a nearby village and now have a good room in the hotel for 2 marks. Was on the wrong road all afternoon, but didn’t care so long as the general direction was OK. The proprietor’s son here is as round as he is fat and speaks a little English, including a couple of cuss words. Is all for Germany, U.S., and England; others n.g. Bread, cheese, and apples for dinner. It’s plenty cold tonight. Rode 61 miles today and spent 86¢. Wish this cold weather would dry up.

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