Freiburg, Germany

Monday, September 31,1928 —[Monday, October 1, 1928]

To save my poor suitcase I bought an oilcloth covering for it and put a flat board under it. Left Lubin at 9:30. It was very cloudy and a gale of wind against me making it ice cold. The only way to keep warm was to pump as hard as you could—in fact it was necessary to do this to even go at a walking pace against the wind. Rain clouds would blow over, but it wouldn’t rain long. Stopped in Leignitz to get some Czecho-Slovakian money and a few miles farther on for a good lunch of meat soup, beets, and potatoes for 1 mark. At Streigau I asked the way of the inspector of police, who took me to his office and they all had a great time going through my passport to see where I had been. A half block from there I was stopped by a cop who hauled me right back to the inspector, much to my disgust. Here I entered the foothills of the Sudetes and had lots of walking to do. My baggage is really heavy.

Reached Waldenburg at 5:30 just before dark and the hotel I first stopped at wanted 2.50 for a room, so I went on. Couldn’t find another place in town, so went back to the first hotel where the insignificant brat showed me how small he could be by telling me he had no rooms left. This forced me to backtrack in the dark. At a gasthaus the inquisitive man wanted to see my passport, but as it was none of his business, I wouldn’t show it to him.

Finally had to ride 8 miles back to Freiburg, where I have a good room and warm, first warm one I have yet had and for 2 marks. Came back in a slight drizzle but had a two-mile hill in my favor. Rode 62 miles and spent $1.13. Am but a few miles from the border, but those hills make you weak when you look at them and they are only the start. It is a welcome change though, as I haven’t been over hills for the last 1,600 miles.

Am eating usual supper.

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