Lubin, Germany

Sunday, September 30, 1928

Today has been a most miserable one. It has rained practically all of the 70 miles I have come—a very cold rain. It was misty and cold and many of the roads were full of puddles. Upon starting I inquired about the road and the good people hauled me all over town for 40 minutes and wouldn’t let me go before they found a man who could speak French. At noon I had a good lunch of scrambled eggs and potatoes, but small. Got good and soaked this afternoon, clear to the skin. To help matters, the rope again broke and off came my pack.

Have a dandy room at a hotel here [Lubin] for 2 marks. My clothes didn’t get wet, but my nice paper suitcase is in bad shape. I went right to bed though, only six. My clothes are up drying (?) and I am beginning to get thawed out. 18 apples will have to suffice for dinner. With 6 gone so far, I have had 10 so far today but they are not so large. Spent 76¢. There was a round-the-world man at the hotel as I came in [who was] trying to get a free room. Looked more like a bum. Oh, what a miserable day! !

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